District Msn. Rosie Harris

District Msn. Rosie Harris

Administrative Assistant

District Missionary Rosie Harris

District Missionary Rosie Harris was appointed District Missionary in 1990 (District Nine) by the Late Supervisor R.V. McAdory, and the Late Bishop Theo Davis. The Late Superintendent Roy Murray served as District Superintendent.

After the demise of Bishop Theo Davis, Bishop Hollis Musgrove was named Prelate, and a new district was formed in 1992, District Twelve.  District Missionary Rosie Harris continued to serve as District Missionary with a newly appointed Superintendent, her husband, The Late Superintendent Isaac Harris.

At the demise of Mother R.V. McAdory, a new Supervisor was appointed to serve over the Women’s Department,  Supervisor Frankie Davis Murray. Missionary Harris continued serving under Mother Murray’s Administration.

Missionary Harris organized the District Twelve Women’s Department by ensuring that the Auxiliaries, Units & Bands were in full compliance with the structure as outlined in the Official Handbook of the International Department of Women.  Training sessions were implemented and various committees were formed as needed.  Various Ministries were organized, which included, but not limited to:

  • Women’s Department Prayer Breakfast
  • The “Total Woman” Women’s Conference
  • YWCC Annual Retreat
  • Founder, CEO Center & Mars Hill Ministries, Inc.

At the Transition of the Late Superintendent Isaac Harris, she served with Superintendent Ozell Coburn, after his demise she continued service under Superintendent Stanley Harris, (son) and after his transition, she currently serves with Superintendent Eric Loving.

Missionary Harris continues to serve the needs of the District Twelve Women’s Department through continuous teaching, training, consecration, and prayer.  As a result, many lives are impacted and changed both naturally and spiritually.